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Has anyone gone through this guide before: and able to piggieback to cljs repl via vim-fireplace with no issues?


Awesome . So there is hope ! I am having trouble with requiring all the namespaces inside the cljs-repl . I have namespaces that are in directories other than the src directory . The problem I face is similar to this issue posted Are all your namespace in one folder like 'src' for example . Also do you mention it in the project.clj file under dev profile or is it in the fig-config for start-figwheel .

Jan K20:01:56

I use two directories for sources. I set my :source-paths for the cljs build in project.clj under :cljsbuild -> :builds-> [my build] -> :source-paths

Jan K20:01:50

I start figwheel like this, so I don't repeat anything in fig-config:

    {:builds (figwheel-sidecar.config/get-project-builds)
     :builds-to-start ["my-build"] ; defined in project.clj
     :wait-time-ms 300}))


Sweet ! I am gonna try that approach. I am at my wit's end trying to get it working .


Thanks a lot @jkr.sw

Jan K20:01:09

No problem