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Hey fellas, I am trying to connect to cljs repl started by figwheel . Im using this as my guide I am at the lein repl -> start-figwheel! -> cljs-repl stage and its documentation says

([] [id])
  Starts a Figwheel ClojureScript REPL for the provided build id (or
the first default id).
I am not sure what the build-id the document is referring to , - is it the build-id inside the :all-builds of the fig-config used in (start-figwheel! fig-config) - or is it the build-id in the project.clj file under :cljsbuild {:builds {:id ...

Jan K20:01:51

@zyxmndaleyjes Sounds to me like that should be one and the same build-id (it's less confusing to use (figwheel-sidecar.config/get-project-builds) like I just showed in the vim channel). Btw this channel is for the new figwheel-main, which is different from the old lein-figwheel that the guide is for (lein-figwheel has a channel here too).


Oops! thanks again @jkr.sw :)