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So I’m using a boot task that has a dependency that doesn’t work on Clojure 1.9+. How do I fix this? I could either deploy a patched version of both libs to clojars and point to those or could I use with-call-in to replace the deps within the pod?


@jayzawrotny i would deploy a patched version, then make a PR on the original and when they merge/deploy switch to it and nuke your fork


an alternative is to make a wrapper task that runs the offending task in a pod, yes


the latter is probably more expedient, but doesn't address the root problem


Ok great, fortunately I already made the pull request with the fix first but it may not be deployed for a while. I think in this case a deployed patch might be a good idea for now.


Thanks for the explanation. Should I learn how to wrap the task and change the deps in a pod anyway?


@jayzawrotny you could also improve the boot task, ideally the tasks should use pods to keep the libraries isolated


Like make a pull request to fix the boot task?


Yes, although if the problem is 1.9+ Alan is right that the root problem should really be fixed.


But a custom task that uses pods is another solution


Makes sense. Created PR fix, which was merged but not released, and created an issue on the parent boot task that uses the lib So when its released and updated I’ll just nuke my fork as Alan suggested. That way it can be fixed for others as well.