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Is it possible to ask cursive to align the args to condp?


Is there a way to align map values in a selection without having to globally change the code style setting?


@flowthing @t.denley Yes, I wonder if Cursive should behave more like tools.namespace and properly blow the namespaces away before reloading them.


Maybe, although you might not want to blow away a namespace a user has been adding to in the repl. In my specific case, just blowing away all the deftests would be ideal.


The deftests and the namespaces required by the test namespace we're running "Run tests in current NS in REPL" in, I suppose. Although don't know whether that's possible.


@poppetew Not that I’m aware of. Unfortunately it’s hard to support Unity since IntelliJ has no CLR knowledge, and Rider works in a totally different way to IntelliJ so it would be a large rewrite.


@tanzoniteblack Not at the moment, sorry.


@odinodin Also no, sorry, although that’s something that several people have asked for.


Hey, is there any way to get output from a form sent to the REPL pasted to the editor other than manually copying it from the REPL. Ideally having a comment added after the form with the return value / output


I use this sometimes to copy from a REPL to the cut/paste buffer... saves 1 step. Useful if you build up a big wiki table and need to move it into the wiki via the browser ....


(defn to-clipboard [^String jj] (.setContents (.getSystemClipboard (java.awt.Toolkit/getDefaultToolkit)) (java.awt.datatransfer.StringSelection. jj) nil) )