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I'm getting this error what does it mean ?

Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at cljs.repl/repl* (repl.cljc:1060).
Could not locate vendor/bridge__init.class, vendor/bridge.clj or vendor/bridge.cljc on classpath.
my project compiles successfully but doesn't start the CLJS REPL


ok it was because I was using Clojurescript 1.11.51 it works with 1.11.4


Try 1.11.54 -- I think I saw a comment about it getting fixed in that release.

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Drew Verlee21:05:50

I had to eval the clojure deps depdency ns in order for the changes to take place in the requiring ns. Is it possible to get figwheel to manage keeping the state in sync as it typically does? e.g my deps.edn -> :deps -> local/root project has to be evaled to see the changes. Is there an easy/configuration way to make that happen on file save?