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Why should I be the only one who's not going to get any work done today because they're hearing / watching these god-level Tina S. covers in an infinite loop?

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Martynas Maciulevičius06:05:47

This ones stops me from getting work done 😄 (I warned you):

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Thomas Moerman07:05:59

@U051MHSEK let me add some fuel to the procrastination fire 😉

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@U052A8RUT haha, ya I already looped between Li's own performances and his reaction... Can't get over his face when she rips through the solo laughcry

Hamid Sadeghian08:05:17

god-tier is the word 😶


BTW #music exists.

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I'm seeing lots of memes and clips of the Johnny Depp AMber Heard trial, is this normal in the US for trials to be entirely televised / recorded for the public like this? Or is this just because it's two celebs ?

Bart Kleijngeld11:05:41

YouTube also keeps recommending this to me, and I've wondered the same thing. It strikes me as somewhat odd. Here in the Netherlands I don't think this would even be possible (as in: legal), but I'm not sure about that.


Yeah, I'm in the UK and it seems so strange. I'm almost certain it wouldn't be legal here.


varies by state in the US whether cameras are allowed in the court. I think it’s more common for it to be allowed in civil cases, but the level of coverage this case is getting is definitely tied to who’s involved.

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Ya, it's so sad to see how they're both being tarred and feathered publicly. I think I read somewhere about like if its a matter of public opinion or not, and that cases of libel, since they are kind of going against Free Speech, like someone is claiming another person's speech should be refrained because it caused them "unfair financial harm", tend to be considered a matter of public opinion, and since they are public figures, doubly so. I still find it kind of twisted though in this case. Doesn't really seem important at all, and just messy. Also seems like it be hard for it not to influence one way or another the verdict.


Is anyone using a pixel phone with one of the mobile mainline Linux distro? I'm looking to get a pixel 3a and flash PostmarketOS on it, or maybe Ubuntu Touch. Good idea or not?