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Pathom 3 2022.05.17-alpha is out! This is a bug fix release, a few breaking changes on internal representations of mutations, if you used to look for mutation data in the graph generated by the planner you might need to adjust your code. Changes in this update: • Fix nested check on deep dynamic resolver requirements • Fix bad optimization when invalid sub-query isn't the first branch option of a path • Fix multiple calls to same mutation (issue #137) • BREAKING: Mutations are not part of index-ast anymore • BREAKING: ::pcp/mutations now contains the full call AST instead of the mutation key • Fix Optional key throws "All paths from an OR node failed" (issue #138)

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Scittle is back! Run CLJS directly in browser <script> tags! This time with an nREPL server which lets you develop CLJS files directly connected to your browser! This is released as part of version v0.2.8 A demo: Documentation of how to get nREPL working with scittle: General scittle documentation: Channel: #scittle

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