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@alexmiller, I started to post a question I had just answered in #calva to Then I hesitated, because the categories indicate that it might not fit there. Do you think it does? If so, can we add some category Editors, or something like that?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:52

if it's related to Clojure, it's fine to ask it there

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:02

so that's the blanket answer

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:21

there is an Other / Tools category

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:44

if it would be clearer to add something else though, open to that

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:31

let me think about it for a few, in a meeting


Thanks! There's no hurry. 😃 The category is Other. So maybe there should be a Tools category, and that would cover Calva questions nicely.


Ah, when I choose Other, there comes a new option, and I can choose Tools there... It even has a subtitle Editors and other tools. That works for me, but maybe I just found a potential issue with that Ux? 😃

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:13

I added a top-level Tools and subs for Calva, CIDER, and Cursive

calva 2
cider 2
cursive 2

I added this question & answer: Hoping we can keep populating with things like that.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:56

happy to add more tools as well

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:04

I moved that question to the new category

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:40

if you select Questions at the top, you get some new submenu options, and you can combine those with the category selector in the right side nav


#portal #cljfmt #lsp spring to mind.


Is there a way we can allow for uploading images? Both when asking and answering, that is often very convenient.


I sometimes cheat and use a closed github issue for things like that. 😃

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:05:36

no, not currently. (btw, the Meta category on is good for asking things like this :)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:05:04

@pez btw, I can also deputize you with greater powers over the questions in the Calva category

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:05:08

I've done this now and made you an Editor for questions in this category which means you can make edits and do other things specifically there. use your powers for good. :)


That's great! Thanks! And of course with great powers come great responsibilities. All people named Peter knows that. 😃

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:05:36

and finally, there are also category specific rss feeds if you want to follow such things, like

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