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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:05:28

When I tap> multiple values during a single invocation, it is hard to see what is what, as seen below. What do people do to alleviate that? I either tap it with a label as in (tap> ["result1" {:a "map"}]) or add metadata as in (tap> ^:result1 the-data). It would be perfect for me if the metadata display could leverage the empty space to the right of it (see below) to display as much of the metadata as fits there. Actually IMO it would be awesome in general if the space to the right could be used to preview the data so instead of just {2} it would show something like {2} :results (2) :total... where the map is {:results (2), :total 123, ... }

R.A. Porter12:05:49

I'm not sure if your multiple taps are interspersed with other calls:

(tap> "val1")
(tap> "val2")
; etc.
or are sequential, but in the case of sequential taps, I tap a map:
(tap> {:val1 "val1" :val2 "val2})
It's more likely the former case, but thought I'd mention that just in case.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)13:05:34

no, they are at different places of the call stack

R.A. Porter13:05:14

I wonder if something along the lines of the ideas discussed in this thread from the other day would help -


I've found it effective to use the first strategy mentioned (tap a vector with a descriptive keyword and the value). I really like the idea of using the metadata area for this info, if there was a convention for a metadata key, like :portal/label


Or a tuple for those things that can't have metadata.


oh yeah, could totally build something


two thoughts on expanding the inspector 1. In my custom log viewer script, I often want to have one particular column's data expanded. I do this now by making that column's data use the pprint viewer, but it's not as nice as the inspector viewer. Could there be a metadata attribute for the inspector viewer that expands it by default? 2. I sometimes find myself going to all the leaves and expanding them, to see the entire structure. How would you feel about E to full expand all levels of the current selection (nicely complementing the current e for expanding one level)?


For 2, would the tree viewer not be a better fit?


Interesting. I'll try the tree viewer for that use case. I like how much quicker it is to switch viewers.