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Anyone here with experience setting up Nextcloud? I find the concept fascinating, but I’m not sure how well it works in practice.


Don’t mean the setup itself, but more how well it actually integrates with the existing platforms who are busy pushing their own commercial cloud solutions.


I've selfhosted it in a NAS but don't use it a lot. It's very promising though. One of my resolutions for 2022 is to beef up my self-hosting, so I hope I'll be able to have another try. What kind of integrations are you interested in? Import/export from/to other clouds for instance?


Nextcloud has its own office suite but it's kinda weak compared to commercial cloud solutions. You can use onlyoffice though, which is supposed to be (at least) on par with libreoffice/Google drive/etc. Haven't tried it yet but it's on my radar.


I started using Nextcloud hosted at Hetzner a few weeks ago. Just for personal file storage and syncing between Linux, macOS and iOS. Also the WebDAV endpoint for some org-mode stuff. I've been really impressed with it. Everything works pretty seamlessly and the iOS app is great. Obviously not as integrated as iCloud but the only missing piece for me is background syncing of photos.

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> @UEQPKG7HQ What kind of integrations are you interested in? Import/export from/to other clouds for instance? I meant how seamlessly it integrates with existing platforms such as Android, iOS, and macOS. Currently, I use Google for contacts, calendar, and email + Apple’s iCloud for photo sync. I use Google for e.g. contacts because it allows the greatest portability across platforms, since Apple allows supports syncing of all basic Google services on both iOS and Android. Prior to my using iCloud I could move freely between platforms, since those Google services were quite universally supported. My concern is how much of this convenience will vanish when moving to self-hosting. Often when you switch providers of anything you notice various minor—and perhaps some major—incompatibilities.


I also wonder how well it works in a multi-user setup. Ideally, my wife gets in on the fun.


It shines with multiple users and you can tweak it as much as you can imagine. I can't answer your first question to the full but I'll get back to you later (on my phone right now). How much experience do you have with self hosting in general?

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None, other than hosting websites.


I'm using Nextcloud to sync contacts and my calendar across devices (Android, SailfishOS). This works reasonably well. File syncing just works(tm). I also use Deck (trello replacement) and News (rss feed reader).


I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for with multiple users. You can share files with multiple users without much hassle. I haven't tried sharing calendars or contacts, so can't say anything about it.

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Stuff like that


@U4P4NREBY sorry, didn't forget about your question. I've been trying to set up an oauth integration with Google on my instance but it's not exposed to the web (it's behind my NAT, I'm too scared to open ports and I haven't gotten around to setting up a VPN), so Google can't "see" the server and I can't complete the process. Other than that, the steps seem to be quite straightforward. Regardless of that problem, here are some integration-related screenshots from my nextcloud instance - I haven't tried all of these (and I don't own any Apple devices) but let me know if you see anything that grabs your attention and I'll check it out. I didn't see any integration options/apps for iCloud. Feel free to send me a DM as well if you'd like more information!

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I’ve done some research myself and it seems like a mesh VPN such as Tailscale/WireGuard or ZeroTier is the way to go for creating secure connectivity.

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So, I added satisfies? caching to witchcraft, and got a ~800x speedup, so thanks for the tip 😄

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