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@tkjone: I don't think it's included and I couldn't find it in the source anywhere, but it's possible it's included somewhere as part of the default index page. If you are trying to build something with react, you need to include it the same way you would as if you weren't using figwheel, and I don't think I've read anything about people encountering version conflicts or anything like that.


Thanks! For me, I am trying to understand how instances of React are used by Reagent when one is importing with an externs bundle (webpack). The reason is because if one is using Jest to test their reagent applications, they will need an externs bundle. However, what if they are not using the same externs bundle in the non-test code? This could mean, if one is not careful, that they are testing with one version of react and running their application with a different version.


As far as I am aware there should be no difference specific to figwheel - where you will run into problems will be in the differences between optimization levels (particularly for advanced). If you haven't looked at it, may be interesting as well - covers it really well (including motivation and such).