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Garrett Hopper01:11:51

@bhauman @raymcdermott, the WARNING: preload namespace figwheel.core does not exist error appears to be turned on and off by the commenting of my require to [clojure.core.specs.alpha]. Were you using that as well, @raymcdermott, when you had the issue?


WRT the error I have with latest ring, if I use figwheel-main 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT, I get this: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/jetty/http/HostPortHttpField, compiling:(ring/adapter/jetty.clj:28:9). Investigation continues.


i am not able to work figwheel-main with cider, here is how i tried

clj -A:rebel:nrepl:fig


(require '[cider-nrepl.main :refer [init]])
 (init ["cider.nrepl/cider-middleware"])
 (require '[figwheel.main.api :as fig])
 (fig/start {:mode :serve} "devops")


and on emacs side


in jackced in cider by cider-connect


but then in repl when i attempt to start cljs repl by -


(fig/cljs-repl "devops")


i got an error


that is -

Unhandled clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo
   Failed to launch Figwheel CLJS REPL: nREPL connection found but
   unable to load piggieback.  This is commonly caused by A) not
   providing piggieback as a dependency and/or B) not adding
   piggieback middleware into your nrepl middleware chain.  Please see
   the documentation for piggieback here
   Note: Cider will inject this config into your project.clj.  This
   can cause confusion when your are not using Cider.


@ghopper not in my case - spec seems to work fine. I think I must have had some junk in the trunk.

Garrett Hopper15:11:39

Huh, interesting


Can anyone confirm if figwheel installs any version of React on its own? I did a quick search through the figwheel-main documentation guide and cannot find a direct response to this.