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> My position would be that an object is ‘the same object’ if there is a direct causal link with the original object, so my grandfather’s axe, after replacing the handle and the blade, is still the same axe @conor.p.farrell And what of the tree that I causally cut down with the axe? Is that also the same object as the axe? No man can cross the same metaphysical backwaters twice 😀


But the tree was already reified as a tree, it can't just become an axe without transformation


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Used it so little I forgot what it was called


it's hilarious, and slightly depressing, that the utterly useless (for computer keyboards anyway) caps-lock should have survived for so long


And thanks to you @mccraigmccraig totally stolen 🙂


An axe is not a tree @rickmoynihan


The qualia are quite different


I’d actually be inclined to suggest that the tree and the axe are the same. Or rather they may as well be; or better the concept of sameness is meaningless to the real world - and would subscribe to Korzybski’s view that the map is not the territory. The mistake I think is thinking that language and/formal systems can actually speak of the real world at all. Language, logic and all formal systems are very blunt knives; and each cut we make with words and definitions severs important connections… the more cuts we make and the finer our distinctions the more we divide and separate what is actually one inseparable thing. The universe doesn’t need an axe to be the same or different from the tree; or from the axe before it. These problems only exist when we use language. This isn’t to say that maps, language, logic and maths aren’t useful. They are; but no matter how fine they appear they’re only ever crude analogies to reality. I suspect there is no grand unifying theory of everything; and at best we’ll have to muddle along switching representations to ones that appear most suited to the task at hand.

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are you from Tralfamadore?


it's all getting a bit Catch 22 in here


Wasn’t that a different book? 🙂


So I think whether the axe and the axe before it; or the tree we cut down with it are the same — really depends on who’s asking. 🙂


Not the wind, not the flag; mind is moving

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tfw you realise you're definitely the dumbest person in the room


haaaaa yes it was Slaughterhouse 5, my bad


what is the clojure built trello like startup called?


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whoa. had an interesting failure yesterday/today - which was straightforward to solve, but wasn't noticed for way too long because of an unfortunate interaction of several application features, and stockholm-syndrome for monitoring false-warnings