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Has anyone seen issues with the which-keys buffer showing up partially behind the minibuffer? I’m using Spacemacs, without too much customization at this point. If I restart Emacs, the problem will go away, but at some point I perform a series of unknown actions and it gets in a bad state (I just haven’t noticed yet what those actions are). I’m hoping someone has seen this before and would know how it could be fixed without resorting to a restart.


@U08TWB99B maybe it’s related to this My guess would be an issue with the version of Emacs, especially if you are running Emacs 26 or 27. Or it could be a bug in the which-key package, in which case you could try to pin to an earlier version of which-key package.


Awesome! That was it. Thanks

bananadance 4

Neat! I ran into this same issue today, and I'm glad to see a probable cause.


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