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Maybe at some point it will make sense to begin porting We could revisit and decide whether to keep it in ClojureScript or whether it is started as a separate repo, or some code under main/cljs in that repo (presuming ClojureScript itself is sufficiently stable now to consider such a path) Also if we do that, perhaps we have an opportunity to revise the alias used for stc in cljs.spec.test.alpha2/check to be consistent with what is used in Clojure (either exactly the same, or prefixed with cljs)


wow, spec-alpha2?


Get with the program Borkdude!


Yeah, I heard Alex mention it somewhere 🙂


My hope is for data-driven specs.

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so far it's nothing more than a fork with some renaming, but I guess that'll be a thing soon


If we attempt a separate implementation from ClojureScript proper, if it fails (because it just isn't working out), we could move it into ClojureScript proper


I think it may make sense to follow the library pattern that clojure itself has


that way it may also be lighter to develop/test/patch?


I can't recall the history, but it may have been the case that Spec was in Clojure proper when it was ported to ClojureScript.


Since the namespace name is something like clojure.spec-alpha2 we may not yet have to deal with the collision between the gen var and namespace


Or, spec-alpha2's Clojure design could be tweaked for portability to ClojureScript eliminating the collision

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:11:41

spec-alpha2 is the next version of spec and I’ve made a substantial commit this week (although changes are internal)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:11:04

But I would wait till it settles before chasing it


personally, I don’t really think there’s any benefit to splitting it out


far as I can tell that’s mostly about Clojure’s release cycle - which is not an issue we have


Perhaps because ClojureScript touches on so much “ecosystem” stuff, it will always need a shorter release cycle. (The Monday discussion.)


well we don’t have the release cycle adoption issue that Clojure has because of semantic versioning


Oh, I suppose we will encounter the gen collision sooner. (I was wrong above.) There exists a clojure.spec-alpha2.gen namespace and a clojure.spec-alpha2/gen var Our old solution was to rename the namespace in the port to something like cljs.spec-alpha2.gen-impl IIRC.


We have just upgraded our projects to the latest ClojureScript and enabled aot-cache and parallel-builds. On Windows we've noticed a bad interaction between these two flags. Either one on it's own works fine, but together we get a variety of strange compiler errors about redefining const, missing refers, e.t.c. Is there any known tickets for this? I couldn't see any


I don’t recall ever seeing a ticket like that


Perhaps it is a regression?