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Hi, I am having performance problems in my set of rules. Probably some of the rules are performing bad. Is there any way to profile the time spent by each rule when firing-rules in a session? I couldn't find any obvious way to get this info using the inspect api.


The inspect api is targeted at understanding the end result of the rules, not performance. For performance problems you’ll probably want a profiler or perhaps tracing. Tracing shows all the internal steps of the rules engine, and can produce a lot of data that is probably best sorted through with the REPL rather than manual inspection, but if a single rule is constantly re-firing it can make that clear. I’d probably start with a profiler though. Another approach could be to take separate parts of your use-case and see if you can find a simple subset with the perf problem, particularly one you can share that would be easier for someone else to look at.


Are you on Clojure or ClojureScript?


Thanks, @wparker! Clojure.


@nlessa and feel free to share profiler sample results with me (or anyone interested) (with anything propriety removes). Sometimes just seeing the Clara internals in a profiling snapshot can help point someone in the right direction. Not always though.

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