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I’m working on getting the state machine login example to communicate w/ an actual server, pretty much by moving the defmutations around. Should the defstatemachine live on the client-side mutations namespace, or in the login ui component namespace?

Ahmed Hassan14:11:02

new fulcro command line uses 'npx shadow-cljs server'

Ahmed Hassan14:11:19

how does npx differs from npm?


npx is part of npm. it allows executing local packages directly without a global install

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@sooheon it defines a map with metadata and registers it. put it wherever you want as long as it is accessible by the client code that uses it. A library of state machines, perhaps?

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I'm busy reading through the Fulcro Developers Guide and have picked up the odd typo or grammar error. Is there a preferred way to report these, e.g. log issue, or should I fix it and create a pull request?


if it seems obvious, a pull request is a nice way to go


Yeah, I'll only do obvious ones. Can I make local changes as I go along, and submit one PR?


yea, that would be great


I assumed the Developers Guide is part of docs directory in fulcro repository, but I can't find it in there. Can you point me to it?


Thanks @U0J0AC1AT in the cloned repo DevelopersGuide.adoc is in the root directory. Don't know how I missed it...😊


np - and always remember… grep* is your friend 😉 (*or any new-fangled variant thereof, my current favourite is ag with fzf)


Ha, I actually did grep... but only inside the docs directory. I guess, like always, the lesson is: don't assume