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I have a couple of small apps in a project I'm building with figwheel.main. Is there a way to confine builds to only the code that's used in the current app. It seems to be building stuff that's outside of my :main module too.


For example, I have src/app1/core.cljs + app1.cljs.edn and src/app2/core.cljs + app2.cljs.edn


Or maybe this is a feature I should be hunting for in cljs.main?


So I added a deliberate syntax error in app2 to see if I could figure this out. These build with no error: clojure --main figwheel.main --optimizations advanced --build app1 --serve clojure --main figwheel.main --optimizations advanced --build-once app1 clojure --main figwheel.main --optimizations none --build-once app1 But this fails on my syntax error in app2: clojure --main figwheel.main --optimizations none --build app1 --serve


(And app2 isn't referenced anywhere in app1)