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Drew Verlee00:09:56

When ever something gets printed to the repl, it would be useful if emacs notified me, and let me easily view it. Another emacs+cidier idea i had that i won't be able to implement any time soon.

Drew Verlee01:09:11

Any users of Lsp and cider-enlightenment-mode getting this behavior in the picture where the "=> is in a weird place?"


Seems like that mode is printing after the lens, not sure would be possible to fix that, but you can try moving the lens to top instead of end of the line, but personally I like it on the end of the line too


maybe cider-result-overlay-position 'at-point works for you

Drew Verlee14:09:15

Nice, that's it. Thanks @U02CV2P4J6S

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Drew Verlee01:09:59

The other behavior i get from enlightenment-mode is that sometimes the evaled expression won't go away 😞 .


revert-buffer lol. cider--remove-result-overlay is supposed to run

Drew Verlee01:09:12

Which is a shame, because that mode is super useful as a first step tool to get more insight. Far faster then adding vars to everything. And it's more transparent then a debugger like flowstorm.

Drew Verlee02:09:11

If anyone wants to try to hack on some emacs and new features in ciderish stuff, i can't this weekend, but i would be down for trying the weekend after. Just message me here and ill set something up.