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I am using Mac and I need to use a specific version (e.g. 2.9.4), which is older than current version. Does anyone have a clue on how this could be done, maybe using brew?


go to the leiningen repo, browse the tag corresponding to the version you want, download that bin/lein file

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you can name it as you wish e.g. lein or lein-alt . upon first run it will download any needed internals


Awesome. Let me try.


and you can run lein upgrade 2.9.4 with that script to set whichever version you need

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the versions of lein installed through package managers don’t allow you to change the version

Cora (she/her)21:09:37

if you use asdf there's a plugin for it

Cora (she/her)21:09:03

you can set a .tool-versions file per project so it automatically selects the right version for you