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@borkdude I almost have a fix for #1758, but just one quick question. What is going on Why is it assoc'ing cljs.core into both [:cljc :defs cljs.core :clj ...] and [:cljc :defs cljs.core :cljs ...] (both :cljs and :clj)?


@alex.sheluchin This has to do with some things being both functions and macros in CLJS


Okay, that makes sense. I can't seem to find any examples of how to get the :var-definition of something from clojure.core to compare it against the overrides in a test.


Ah, got it now.

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@borkdude I put the PR up for #1758. I don't know if putting the overrides check right in reg-var! is a great idea in terms of performance. The other options would be to get the overrides map higher up in the call chain and pass it down to reg-var!, either in a new parameter, or attached to ctx.


Hmm, build failed :thinking_face:

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Maybe you "fixed" the analysis which expects a specific result :-D


only lein test :only clj-kondo.analysis-test/analysis-test is failing

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I'm getting the same result on master though.


@alex.sheluchin This is likely an effect of what your changes do to what's stored in the cache


Try rm -rf .clj-kondo/.cache


@borkdude indeed, that was it. But the test also passes back in my branch after:

✔ ~/repos/clj-kondo [add-overrides-to-reg-var L|…3]
$ rm -rf .clj-kondo/.cache/

✔ ~/repos/clj-kondo [add-overrides-to-reg-var L|…3]
$ clojure -M:test -v clj-kondo.analysis-test/analysis-test
Ran 1 tests containing 37 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.


you mean, getting rid of the analysis fixed your problem?


perhaps run all tests again


it is likely that analyzing clojure.core will produce the problem


and this is done during the tests


Yep, that's it. Okay, thanks for the tips. I gotta run for now but I'll fix it when I get back.

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I'm not sure what's going on with the builds but I believe it's fixed.


I'm seeing what looks like config caching when running clj-kondo. The behavior I'm seeing: • clj-kondo --lint src in directory I haven't run clj-kondo in before. No .clj-kondo directory in pwd. • see undefined vars from a dependency (due to symbols being generated at run-time) • create a .clj-kondo/config.edn file which includes {:config-paths ["../some-dependency/.clj-kondo"]}. some-dependency/.clj-kondo/config.edn excludes those dynamically created vars • clj-kondo in original directory no longer complains about the undefined vars. • rm -rf ./clj-kondo/ to try to reproduce the original undefined vars message • clj-kondo --lint src still no has no complaint about the original undefined vars I know this has to be user error. I haven't been able to create a small repro case yet (and the actual code is internal so I don't feel comfortable sharing it here). Is there clj-kondo config possibly getting cached someplace else?


Not that I know of, but perhaps you also have a config in your home dir?


I do. I’ll delete that and try again. FWIW, both a coworker and I are seeing the same behavior. I hate asking for help with such vague details. I’ll see how else I can slice this into smaller pieces.


Does clj-kondo look for .clj-kondo/config in parent directories?


Okay. I think I found out what’s going on. The results are being returned in different orders, so what was apparently “missing” is actually just returned in a different location.


Actually, I don’t know if that’s it, either.


Yes, clj-kondo looks in parent directories for .clj-kondo dirs


the first parent .clj-kondo directory is considered the project root


I think that may have played a role in what I was seeing. Thanks for confirming.


The last piece I need to track down (some other time) is why I’m not seeing a :lint-as getting transitively pulled in from a referenced clj-kondo/config.edn. Too many plates spinning right now to dig into that when I can patch it with a little duplication.