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Edward Ciafardini20:09:55

Hey everyone, having an issue with emacs on Mac OS. context: system: Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.2 emacs: ver. 27.2 issue: After running the command package-list-packages, I am getting the following error message

(fn STATUS)]: Error retrieving:  (error connection-failed "connect" :host "" :service 443)

error in process sentinel: Error retrieving:  (error connection-failed "connect" :host "" :service 443) [2 times]
I found someone having a similar issue without resolution here (from 7 days ago): Any help would be greatly appreciated!


one thing you can try is running Emacs 25, 26, 27 from it could be an openssl thingy? By trying different builds you might be exercising different SSL stacks


also emacsformacosx is notably clean/minimalistic

Edward Ciafardini21:09:13

Thank you for the suggestion - I found a solution on Reddit & wanted to post it here in case anyone is going thru a similar issue… I fixed it by adding `(setq gnutls-algorithm-priority "NORMAL:-VERS-TLS1.3")`  to my custom.el under .emacs.d/personal I cannot say I have any idea why this worked.  A redditor provided the solution saying it was a race condition issue with v27

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