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I just thought I’d drop a note in this channel. Hi everyone! I sometimes think that when people see a lack of activity in this channel then this implies a lack of work on Asami. That’s not the case! It’s still happening, though I’m not being given time for it at work right now. Also, I don’t usually mention releases, unless something major has happened.

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A couple of people at Cisco were going work on it with me, but that’s not happening now (at least, not for the foreseeable future). However, they did do a new minor feature that will be in the next release, so I’m grateful to them for that. Thank you @noprompt and Marcela


For anyone curious, I’m working on a couple of things: • projects that use Asami. (Ask @raymcdermott about one of them. Yes Ray, I’m still on it) • transaction logs reflecting database changes, instead of requested changes. This is leading into a built-in rete engine


Anyway… there was a minor release last week. There’ll be another next week (I think. I’m writing a talk for Strangeloop, and it’s going to be taking time)

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