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clojure-lsp Released with mostly fixes and doc/logs improvements, also preparation for some big changes on next releases clojurists-together 👀 As you may know, Clojurists Together for Q3 2021 🚀, I'm really looking forward to see the results of this funding on this project! Also, I'm really grateful for everyone that supported and helped clojure-lsp somehow to become what it is today, without your support that would not be possible, thank you! As a first step from the funding, clojure-lsp has a new (easier to read) domain/webpage clojure-lsp 😃 Changelog: • General ◦ Improve logging during startup for better troubleshooting. ◦ Refactor allowing calls to `clojure-lsp.main/run!` for manually passing args, useful for `lein-clojure-lsp` for example. ◦ Internal: Move graalvm configuration to sqlite-jdbc. ◦ Recognize `deftest` as function definition form for refactoring features like `extract-function`. ◦ Bump Graalvm from 21.1.0 to 21.2.0 • API/CLI ◦ Use clj-kondo custom lint for API as well, required for correct diagnostics API feature. • Editor ◦ Fix regression, custom `source-paths` from initializationOptions were not being parsed correctly. • Documentation ◦ New domain for documentation and webpage 

aw_yeah 8

happy for you @UKFSJSM38! well deserved


Thank you very much @U45T93RA6 😄


> also preparation for some big changes on next releases Ooh, any docs on this?


I'll try to post the ideas soon!


Looking forward to it! 😄

Oliver George01:09:49

Can clojure-lsp statically analyze a re-frame codebase looking for registrations and dispatches, and finding mismatches?


Yes! It should work OOTB if your project was analyzed correctly

Oliver George02:09:33

That's exciting. I'll try it out.

Oliver George02:09:35

Quick sanity check before I go further. This thows no errors (assuming I've got my setup right). I was hoping for errors like the comments below.

(ns example.b-reframe
  (:require [re-frame.core :as rf]))

(rf/reg-event-db ::an-event (fn [_ [_ v]] {:val v}))

(rf/dispatch [::an-event 1])
(rf/dispatch [::an-event])                                  ; Incorrect arity
(rf/dispatch [:an-event])                                   ; No handler registered with :an-event


Yeah, clj-kondo doesn't have those lint's for re-frame, but it would be possible via custom-lints on the reframe lib, or even a built-in support WDYT @U04V15CAJ ?