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My customers are grateful to @karol.wojcik of Holy Lambda fame because our Clojure Lambdas now cold start in 200 ms

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@karol.wojcik Congrats on your CT funding!

Karol W贸jcik08:09:12

Thank you very much @U04V15CAJ! 馃檪


Thank you to @ alexmiller, for putting out a Thank you also to the YouTube channel "Zhang Jian" for putting out (earlier). The original didn't have slides, and I'm sure these edited versions had a positive impact on the advocacy of Clojure. Edit: BTW what's the etiquette here, is it acceptable to tag people?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:09:25

this morning, I am feeling grateful that Iron Maiden still rocks, as I put together the Deref

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OH MY GOD I know what I'm going to loop all weekend now. Too bad I can hit that metalreaction only once and not hard enough :)

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I also have to give my thanks for @jasongilman, for creating Proto-REPL for Atom and showing a "starting point" for my work with Clojure with the Atom editor. It was also a great plug-in to experiment things that would up shaping the way that I work today with Clojure!