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I feeeel like cmp / compe is the latest and greatest right now :thinking_face: but honestly I'd pick based on stability, ease of configuration and ecosystem. They all kinda do the same thing some some extent as long as they're async I think?


Yeah they compe and cmp are from the same developer, but he recently stated this on compe: > nvim-compe is now deprecated. Please use nvim-cmp the successor of nvim-compe. > > nvim-compe still works but new feature and bugfixes will be stopped. > So I decided to move to cmp, everything is very new on this Lua/fennel plugin world haha


Oh yeah, I think cmp is the way to go although it's still a little unstable I thought? I'll stick to compe until it's v1 and then move over 🙂


Makes sense, I'm having some bugs in the integration with luasnip, apart from that is working quite well.