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Hello. with clj-refactor.el it provides a very useful command cljr-add-project-dependency to automatically add a specific version to a project config file, but it seems it works only with project.clj file. Thats weird because i was always using projects without lein support. I am confused.


Someone know why i cannot use it with deps.edn?


I use it all the time with deps.edn.


You must create the :deps key first.

Michaël Salihi07:05:44

Salut à toi @U1ZJ06MMK! Yes, I use with deps.edn too and no problem. This work for all this project files (thread-last '("project.clj" "build.boot" "pom.xml" "deps.edn" "shadow-cljs.edn") Watch out if you have both project.clj and deps.edn in directory the first take the priority according to their position in the list.


@UJRDALZA5 @UFBL6R4P3 Hey ! thank you. i will check it ! have a nice day !

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