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I didn't like coffeescript, so I forced myself to work with it for 6 months, after which I could conclude that it's 300% faster to write it than js, but 30000% slower to change, maintain or debug


and typescript is not javascript, no matter whatever whoever whyever says.


I remember visiting a website with lots of technical articles about game developments. AoS vs SoA, arena allocators, those kinds of things. My Google foo is failing me, doesn't anyone recognise what I'm taking about?

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Otherwise, slightly related, you may be interested in this talk:

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I recall another website that was more technical in nature as well; but lost it


No, it wasn't The one I remember had articles full of illustrations, much like Lin Clark's cartoons about React.js


Wow! I still didn't find that site, but I got lots of other interesting recommendations. Thanks everyone!


Finally made something that's getting traffic. Just wanted to share my excitement 😉

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I heard today that web assembly will replace the JVM. web assembly is the new machine to write to (GC not yet sorted out?)


web assembly has been on the horizon for years. maybe eventually it will be a major player? I certainly wouldn’t bet on the jvm being replaced any time soon


Argh! My eyes! 👀 A browser app written in COBOL

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Not sure about replacing. But if WASI and WAPM mature. You could create secure apps, that only need to download the parts they don't have yet, and it will run on any device. Theoratically you could even start the app while it's still downloading things. And you can use any language you like to compile to WASM. But those are far from mature, debugging it is hard, and WASM hasn't gc or multiple threads yet..


WASM has a lot of time and $$$ to go before it catches up to the JVM on the server


but its security model is way better, so I hope it does eventually get there


also it runs in the browser, which currently is where I spend all of my time 🙂