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goodday, when i jack-in-cljs with shadow-cljs there is a shadow-select option what is this and why would I need it? if I pick just shadow I can select the build-id as well. thanks!


sup, cider was working fine and dandy on my win10 emacs until recently (a week ago?) Not sure what changed but now I get user-error: The powershell executable isn't on your 'exec-path', but powershell is definitely installed on my system so not sure what could be wrong. Searching for recent changes around the code that triggers powershell I could only find but doesn't seem to be related. Any ideas?


not sure why but manually adding C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\ to my PATH fixed the problem


not sure why it broke from one week to the other though, initially cider (emacs) did not need that

Michaël Salihi12:05:31

@kirill.salykin "If you already have a running server watching a build (for instance you have already run npx shadow-cljs watch :dev), you can use the shadow-select CLJS REPL and specify :dev when prompted."


interesting, thanks!


Actually, it seems not working… it complaints that shadow already running…

Michaël Salihi15:05:09

Maybe do you already have a cider-jack-in nrepl session ?


nope, it is complaings abour shadow cljs server

David Pham10:05:27

Use cider-cljs-connect then


server already running