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Alex Whitt14:05:00

If anyone happens to be in or near Columbus, OH (USA), we are looking to hire someone to help us build out our test automation, which is written predominantly in Clojure and Python. From what my manager is telling me, there's a strong preference for a locally-based individual, because the test team also manages a lot of hardware.


you probably wanted to write this in #jobs ? :)

Alex Whitt15:05:58

Oh, didn't see that


Hey folks! Im a Ruby developer from Germany with five years of experience that is looking to (hopefully) switch to clojure(script) and is now actively looking for work. If anyone is in need of labour, let me know 🙂


Gravie is hiring for two remote positions, a Sr. Software Engineer, and a Front-end Developer. We are a 6 year old start-up in Minneapolis improving the way employers offer health insurance to their employees. We’ve had steady growth over that time and are working more ways to excite our members and employers (we don’t to measure ourselves by the low bar that is the health insurance industry in the US). The product engineering team is all in Minneapolis currently, and have practices and tools to facilitate periodic remote work (100% right now though), but we want to start casting our net wider to find new engineers that are open to 100% remote work (including outside the US). We started off on Groovy/Grails when we were founded, but introduced Clojure and ClojureScript over the last 3-4 years and have incrementally converted existing code (we are about 50-60% Clojure/ClojureScript at this point). Check us out and apply if you are interested, or PM me if you have any questions you want to ask before that.

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