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goodday how one starts both clj and cljs? when I use cider-jack-in-clj&cljs - i am asked which command should be used? (not clear is it for clj or for cljs?) If I select clojure-cli - failure with piggieback not found If i select shadow-cljs - i have two cljs buffers (seems like, because in the supposedly clj REPL I see mention of ;; ClojureScript REPL type: shadow) please advice? Thanks


If this is a shadow-cljs project, you should probably pick shadow-cljs. Regardless of what the buffers say, are you able to evaluate expressions on .clj files? As an ugly short term fix: if you really have two separate CLJS REPL connections, you may pick one of those and type/send `:cljs/quit - it'll be "demoted" to a CLJ REPL.


thanks, i ll give it a shot


I assume you are running emacs/spacemcs. You can instigate multiple instances of CIDER and each one wil have a separate socket. You will have to be conscientious as to which you are mapped to. It is not obviously easy


> Regardless of what the buffers say, are you able to evaluate expressions on `.clj` files? Nope, it is indeed shadow-cljs repl clj files cannot be valuted because deps are not loaded


Sure, but can you evaluate (+ 1 3) within a clj file? If there's a CLJ available anywhere, it'll be possible. If both are CLJS, it'll complain


even if i can - the fact that it cant load any clj dependency makes it useless not a biggie, I still can start two repls separatly :)


probably the cider issue… will file the ticket


thanks for your help and advices


Yup, the point is to narrow down what's going on with your setup