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Martin Penckert07:05:36

Hej everyone, I am actively looking for a new job. I have about 13 years of professional experience in FP writing web stack backends, mostly in Clojure and Elixir, some Erlang and for the past year mostly Haskell; I also have experience in Java, Kotlin, Scala, (modern) C++ and React/TS, though. I am based in Sweden, near Gothenburg, but would also be available remote. I don't mind working on a contract, as a freelancer or joining on a permanent position. PM me, if you are interested in a (virtual) talk over coffee or you know someone, who might be. Cheers! Martin

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Limor Schacham15:05:12

Hej Martin, just sent you a message!

Martin Penckert07:05:14

Thanks, I just answered 🙂

Alex Whitt15:05:58

If anyone happens to be in or near Columbus, OH (USA), we are looking to hire someone to help us build out our test automation, which is written predominantly in Clojure and Python. From what my manager is telling me, there's a strong preference for a locally-based individual, because the test team also manages a lot of hardware.

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