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Eric Ihli14:05:21

Anyone know how to get syntax highlighting to work properly for CLJC files? Text is all colored like comments in clojure-mode.


there are two things you could do. It's diminishing these because presumably you have a cljs connection open so its showing you the :cljs branch. So you could set your mode to clojure-mode instead of clojurescript-mode or open up a clj repl and then go back to this buffer and it should work. Alternatively, you can prevent this feature from showing the branch it thinks will be taken and diminishing the other by (setq cider-font-lock-reader-conditionals nil) which will turn off this feature.

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cider-font-lock-reader-conditionals is a variable defined in 'cider-mode.el'.
Its value is t

Apply font-locking to unused reader conditional expressions depending on the buffer CIDER connection type.