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Edward Hughes07:05:00

Has anyone had Chlorine suddenly refuse to bring up the prompt for connecting to a REPL? My editor is not displaying the dialog box when I send it the shortcut to connect, even though the keybinding resolver registers the command.


@edward.hughes1911 Hi, what's your operating system / Atom version?

Edward Hughes13:05:02

@mauricio.szabo Atom 1.46.0 on Manjaro Linux 20.0.1. Thanks for the handy tool, btw 🙂.


Thanks! Have you installed it with the package manager, or with some binary on site?


(I remember having a similar problem on MacOSX, but after issuing the command to connect to REPL, it didn't open the dialog box and also it removed the command from the menu)

Edward Hughes13:05:30

I installed it from the Arch community repository using Pacman.


Can you test it with an official release? I remember that when I used Arch some packages did not work correctly with when I installed Atom with pacman


(also, just tested with a fresh release on Atom on Ubuntu 18.02, it seem it's able to connect. I'll lpok a little bit to see if I can find any issue, though)


And also, if you can, open the devtools on Atom (CTRL+SHIFT+i) and try to run the command again, see if something appears on the devtools console 🙂

Edward Hughes13:05:38

I was going to give a fresh install a go, but the fact that the REPL had been working previously made me think it might have been something else. Just tried invoking a connection with the browser dev tools open, doesn't seem to be reacting at all, only error is this:

Edward Hughes13:05:13

Give me a minute to try installing from the site.


Sometimes Atom becomes really lost with some internal state strangeness... try to open the editor with --safe flag, then quit all instances, then start again


Or maybe while on --safe, disable all installed packages, then restart normally, and re-activate one by one


(I know, it's not ideal the way things are on Atom, but with Github being acquired by Microsoft... we know what we can expect 😞)

Edward Hughes14:05:16

So, I tried with a fresh install of Atom using Flatpak, which appears to be on 1.45.0, and I'm still not able to get the prompt to connect. That appears to be the only solution that doesn't involve making my own package. I'm going to try connecting to a REPL using the command prompt, and see if that works and if commands to evaluate forms do anything.


Wait, the prompt is appearing, but nothing is connecting?

Edward Hughes14:05:22

No, the prompt was not appearing. I meant using Atom's function to search for commands to invoke it without the shortcut, though should it not show the keybinding I have mapped for it on the right of this element?

Edward Hughes14:05:17

Ah, so it doesn't want to connect either. This is what I get upon clicking in the previous image to get the dialog and supply the correct port:


I'm just fixing this bug right now 🙂


Trying to connect to a ClojureScript REPL, right?


(to be honest, I do need to have a CI that connects on multiple Clojure implementations... currently I'm only doing the "happy path" - the one that connects on Clojure, evaluates some code, then connects to shadow-cljs and evaluates other things)

Edward Hughes14:05:24

Yeah was trying to use it with lumo, CLJ works fine, commands properly evaluated and all. Good to know. Nice thing about this community is it's small enough that if my tooling breaks I can just tell my boss that and I just had a chat with the guy who wrote it and he's working on a fix 😀.


Hahahaham yes 😄. Will publish a fix soon, just adding some documentation 🙂

Edward Hughes15:05:15

Awesome! Would you happen to have any suggestions as to what to do about a Clojurescript REPL in the meantime? I was tempted to use the opportunity to fiddle with Emacs, but I just started this role and am a little hyper-conscious of delivering on time.


As soon as the CI runs, I'll publish a new version (considering that the tests pass 😄)


Ok, published. Tested here with lumo, seems to work 🙂