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Any suggestions/best practices for how to organize a GraphQL server project that uses lacinia? Specifically, I’m thinking about how to layout the directory structure of the project WRT to objects, queries, mutations, etc. We have made a couple of different attempts, none of which I am particularly happy with.


I put the functionally related ones with each other as 'services' Not sure that works better,


Q: how can I specify an optional list of string argument type?

{:type (list String)}
is parsed as a required/non-null arg. I can workaround this with an input type but that adds some nesting in the client i.e. complexity


That should not be the case; (list String) is an optional type, even in a field argument. Can you provide a short example of this occurring?


@U04VDKC4G how right you are. I discovered it here that my problem was not in the schema but in the client GQL mutation. nothing like having to document a question, only to find the answer. sorry for the distraction


Glad to be your duckie