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Hello - does anyone know how I can run tests from CIDER with an added profile? Using lein at the terminal I'd run something akin to lein with-profile +blah test , but I am not sure how to force this in CIDER. I have a test of mine that I am wanting to debug.


Is your question how to jack in with a profile?


honestly, not sure


As CIDER runs tests in the running repl so that seems to be the answer. If so then you can use a prefix argument when jacking in and edit the docstring of the command that CIDER uses


that sounds like the way to go in my case. How does one jack in with a prefix argument? I'm only aware of the M-x cider-jack-in


That’s something you can set yes. And as a one off you can try C-u M-c cider-jack-in


Thanks for the direction!