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👋 I’m having trouble interacting with repl after starting a ring server, everything works as expected up until I start the server from the repl by running my -main function. I’m using cider-jack-in to start the repl, could someone please explain how they get around this so they can still keep interactive development whilst working on a running web app?


Found a join? option I can set to false to prevent the server blocking is this an ok solution?


@matt.henley What goes wrong when you start the web application?


After starting the server from the repl the function never finished executing so I didn’t get control over the repl again, the server was running just fine but blocked any more interactions with the repl. Setting join? to false lets me continue using the repl after starting the server, it now doesn’t hang and allows me to change request handlers without restarting the repl and server :thumbsup:


@matt.henley Yes, that’s the right thing to do.

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