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that’s an interesting one… did you manage to solve it? Does your friends terminal emacs work fine locally on his machine? Asking because I guess the the ssh keystrokes /-codes are determined by the ssh client, no?


haven't been able to solve it. his bindings work locally but not remotely on my linux box.


I have recently often been using a Clojure socket REPL and connecting to that via the Emacs inf-clojure package. One thing that I wished it did is, when using inf-clojure-eval-last-sexp, it would echo the expression being evaluated in the inf-clojure buffer, so when one looked back through the history of REPL interaction, you could see the expressions being evaluated. I did a very basic copy-and-paste of a few functions from the inf-clojure package and comint package to create a function inf-clojure-echo-and-eval-last-exp that you can get here if you are interested:


what's the "do" macro in elisp?


here's a useful translation guide:

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