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Random newb question (not sure if this is the right place): I'm getting the following error when launching a CLJS project using Shadow-CLJS (both from CIDER and from the CLI): No Clojure project was detected. The refactor-nrepl middleware was not enabled. Got some help from the #shadow-cljs folks and tracked it down (I think) to this line in refactor-nrepl: Obviously, looks like Shadow-CLJS is not a supported project type (i.e. shodow-cljs.edn). The thing that confused me is there is an issue (resolved) in the refactor-nrepl issues list referring to Shadow-CLJS (specifically about using strings within the require form) so it appears folks are using shadow with refactor-nrepl. Does refactor-nrepl expect the shadow project file to be named something else or am I missing something?


one thing you could do is put a project.clj file in the project. just leave it empty


and see if shadow works


just any build file will make it stop complaining and just see what happens


Better way (and the reason that a shadow-cljs issue probably exists) is deps.edn. I'll move to that. Seems like the best path forward.