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Hi - I’m trying to get started with Figwheel Main via the template. I’m working through the instructions at and I suspect I’m missing something really simple. I can run my project and see the live tests in the browser (all good). But when I try to run the tests from the command line with “clj -A:fig:test”, I get:

Error in command line args
-- Spec failed --------------------

  ["-co" "test.cljs.edn" "-m" "hello-world.test-runner/hello-world.test-runner"]

should be a CLJS namespace available on the classpath

__ Doc for -m --main _____

  Call the -main function from a namespace with args

Detected 1 error
I suspect I’m missing something really basic - any pointers?


Ah! theller helped me debug this in the #clojurescript channel - the generated deps.edn should have the name of the test runner quoted. I’ll see if I can knock together a pull request to fix this.