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Half way through it currently, but solid recommendation from me to anyone who’s been wondering how do to property based testing (or how to do it better) from @ericnormand’s course Property-Based Testing with test.check =)… There’s some good stuff in there ^_^…


@folcon do you have the monthly subscription? Does work pay for it?


Also he does a UK discount


Ok, now I really sound like I’m selling for him or something 😂


I loved the RDD course he did. I am tempted by the property based testing one


It’s pretty good, the only thing I don’t know yet is whether the lessons will convert to action… But it’s one of those things that I intellectually understand, but have never found myself really using that much, just here and there… which I found frustrating as I always had the feeling I was missing out a pretty powerful set of techniques… I think he’s done a good job or increasing familiarity and I’m starting to think of ways I can slot the techniques to my toolset =)… Time will tell if it makes a difference however ^_^…


@seancorfield he has a talk on it if you only wanted to dip in.


Oh no, I'm thinking of the one on property based state testing, good talk though


We have a handful of generative tests at work. We don't use it anywhere near as much as I'd like -- but a lot of our code is just "complex CRUD" operations...


@dominicm Yeah, I think I saw that talk live at Conj one year?


Ah, Clojure/West 2017