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Hello, the documentation says that “Polyglot embeddings can also be compiled ahead-of-time” but it’s not clear to me how this can be achieved. Any pointers?


@stathissideris i'm not sure what they mean exactly by "Polyglot embeddings", but a phrase similar to the one you quoted appears in this section: -- i think that's what you are already doing though in your instructions to taylorwood's clj.native-image, as i see "--language:js" in your deps.edn.


@sogaiu thanks, but I’m loading the js code as a resource and eval’ing it at runtime, so I suspect it’s not being compiled ahead of time


right -- i think the official docs are vague as to whether you really can compile the guest language program ahead-of-time. the phrase "polyglot embedding" is not very well-defined imho -- perhaps it can mean the guest runtime and not the guest program?


yeah, I’m uncertain about it as well


I also asked in the graalvm gitter but no response yet


you can also post a Github issue as a question. I've tried the Gitter before but it doesn't seem to be very active