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I have Datomic On-Prem 1.0.6165. When I try to run the console script I get ERROR: This version of Console requires Datomic 0.8.4096.0 to run What am I doing wrong?


Hey @tvaughan! Sorry about this, we released a fix for this issue with our standalone conole. You can download it from:


You’ll need to follow the included README and use bin/install-console to install over the version of console in your release.


We’re going to correct this issue in the next release of Datomic On-Prem by packaging this version of console with the download.


OK. I saw The Datomic Console is included in the Datomic Pro distribution on Perhaps this should be updated too. Thanks!


Oh it is still going to be included going forward its just that this particular version of console had a bug that prevented it from starting with that particular version of Console that wasn’t caught by our CI


But because we include it, we can’t rip it out after the fact 😞


I mean a note like "Users of versions x, y, and z will need to download the console separately. Follow these instructions..." I saw this download page and thought I had everything I needed


Ah understood! I’ll take a look at that and see if we can get a warning there or some kind of call out

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I work at a company that is the second in terms of Clojure developers in Brazil, and the news about the acquisition of Cognitect by Nubank are concerning our C-level board, given that we compete with Nubank in several fronts. We are using the Datomic Cloud offer right now, but as I really want to still use Datomic I'm tempted to suggest a migration to Datomic On-Prem as a way to calm down their anxiety about the whole History. The question is, Datomic On-Prem will be a perennial offer for the foreseeable future? Can I strongly defend this option? cc: @stuarthalloway @marshall @alexmiller


Ah yes, I saw it @stuarthalloway, and I believe sincerely that the Clojure and all Ecosystem, including Datomic, will benefit even more. I need only some arguments to deal with business people.


To the extend this is somehow about On-Prem vs. Cloud, we plan to continue to enhance both products in parallel, as we have to date.


Nice, so I’ll use it as argument and this can be an real option to relief the anxiety 😄


You should know how paranoid about competition and thinks like that business people went.


Is there by any chance a software that allows to edit and add data in a Datomic database? Basically a Datomic Console with transact capabilities


@marciol From (CTO of Nubank): " • The existing development team will continue to enhance both Datomic products: Pro and Cloud • Nubank is best served by the widespread use of Datomic at other companies. Datomic will continue to be developed as a commercially available, general-purpose database (as opposed to being pulled in-house or restricted)"

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The console is not compatible with a "mem peer server"?

Removing storage with unsupported protocol: mem = datomic:
No storages specified


1. The console is a peer, not a client. So it can’t connect to peer-servers anyway, mem or not. 2. The console doesn’t support mem peers. In theory it could, but that would be nearly pointless because it has no transaction capabilities.


Gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification @U09R86PA4