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Do you think it'd be useful if I transferred all of my private notion issue tracker / todo list to GitHub issues and maintained that list more publicly? :thinking_face: just so you could comment on (or maybe even pick up!) some of the things I'm even considering doing.


Well, entirely up to you. If you think it would be of benefit, sure. You can always keep a more private list if you wish 🙂


You would get more people commenting which is not always good, it can be distractive. (why my spellchecker thinks distractive is not a word?)


I think distractive might technically be a word, but you don't hear it often. "distracting" is the right word to use in this context


I like distractive more.


It's like the difference between attracting and attractive.


or subtracting and subtractive


A linguist friend of mine told me once that every time I hear "there isn't such a world as X", I should translate it to "There isn't such a person who says X" to see what's the problem with it. Can I take your comment @U0AHJUHJN as a suggestion that I shouldn't be a person who uses the word distractive? :)


That's a fascinating way to look at it! I'm sorry if I came off as telling you you're "wrong" for using the word distractive :)


I guess my point was just that if you use "distractive" in the context above, I think a lot of listeners would probably be confused and wonder if you meant to say "distracting" (even if "distractive" is technically correct)


if someone is looking for fault, they will find it : )


I tend to agree here. You’re making tremendous progress on Conjure, more noise can be a distraction.


Beware CLJS completion is currently broken and depends on


I personally like to maintain my TODO list for a personal project "out in the open" as GitHub issues. I've been doing that for a long time with Alda and have been enjoying it. Occasionally people will contribute to conversations, ask questions, or (once in a blue moon) read an issue, decide they want to work on that feature, and make a contribution

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It feels a little bit less like I'm the only one working on Alda :)