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Grant Isom14:07:21

Hey all, I am working on a new re-frame app and am at the point I want to start writing some tests, I am having a hard time determining what libraries to go with. Any suggestions? I am using shadow, lein, pushy, and bidi mainly


When in doubt, I'd just use the built in clojure.test. You can always move to something else later.


Kaocha is a nice runner once you have many, many tests; the output is much more compact than the default runner. And more nicely colorized, I think.


… I realize that what I said means that Kaocha probably isn’t especially interesting for you right now 😅 I’d also just go for the simplest possible solution to begin with, so clojure.test. I’ve had success with doo as a runner, as well, but why bother if you don’t need it.