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Practicalli Study Group Live Broadcast - Saturday 09:00 UTC+1 (United Kingdom time) Start of a series covering the development of an online Bank web application using Clojure. Its early stages of the project with a simple app server and server-side web user interface using mock data. An in-memory database will be used for the initial development with PostgreSQL for testing and live environments. Deployment will be on Heroku using a test and production environments pipeline, so changes can go through user acceptance testing before being promoted to live. This project is being actively developed at which includes a link to the code shared so far. The project is wired up to CircleCI and hopefully add Heroku before the broadcast. As this is a live broadcast, anything can happen.

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Breno Duque Estrada19:07:54

It will be available after the live broadcast?


Yes, all the live broadcasts are available on the YouTube channel

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