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It looks pretty interesting. So the first crazy thing I tried to do was eval inside of it in clj - I can't seem to train it to the namespace I'm using, but I like the way it works, aside from truncating big data-structures with ... (for which I can do nothing).


I need to figure this namespace thing out.


About the truncations. That is pretty printing settings. So what you can do is edit those, or toggle pprint off. It's truncating by default, because it gets sluggish with large structures, something that also needs to be fixed.


will continue to play with it, but looks promising.


the fact that it gets println output in there with the evaluation is a big deal.


a thrown exception vanishes, however....


Can you elaborate on this a bit?


my test involved eval-ing '(println (format "%s"))'


that raises a missing argument exception, but there is no indication of that happening, just silence


I get

;Execution error (MissingFormatArgumentException) at java.util.Formatter/format (
;Format specifier '%s'


Followed by a stack trace.


where do you "get" it


In the output window

Cris B04:07:26

@pez It's no longer happening - the file window now shows up every time I jack in. I'll ping you here or on github if I see & can reproduce the issue again.

JP Silva05:07:58

hi folks, I'm using Calva v2.0.107 with vscode 1.47.0 and MacOS Catalina and I'm facing an issue where the repl window will lose focus after I execute a command (hit enter). I have to click with the mouse on the repl window in order to set the focus again. This is hard to reproduce since it happens intermittently. Just wondering if you have knowledge of a behavior like that happening with someone else.


Not seen that @jplfdsilva, but then again, I almost never use the REPL window. Will try that now.

JP Silva06:07:10

sorry, it looks like there's already an issue regarding this behavior:

JP Silva06:07:15

I can confirm I get the same behavior described in the issue above but I don't need to switch applications nor restart vscode. just clicking on the repl window will do.


Not sure that is the same issue. I can't repro any of them though, so I am really unsure.

JP Silva06:07:39

yep, it's hard to reproduce. but it'll happen often in my case. I'll double check if other keys continue to work and just enter, backspace and option keys are the ones that stop working.

JP Silva06:07:54

I'll try debugging and post my findings here (in case I find something).

JP Silva06:07:43

So, I've just reproduced the issue. I was entering commands in the repl then I clicked on the editor then I clicked back on the repl. most keys worked except backspace, enter and option + up arrow.

JP Silva06:07:06

just reproduced again. it doesn't happen all the time though.

JP Silva06:07:35

will try debugging later today


It could be just the old focusing problem. The window doesn't always get focus when it is made active. I think it is this vscode API bug:

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)09:07:27

Has anyone tried to set up Clojure dev env inside Docker via VS Code's Remote-Container plugin (see e.g. this

Maksim Glebov10:07:44

I'm using it with Calva. Have no issues.


If you do find out things about that, @holyjak, please consider writing a documentation page about it. There is only this shred there right now:

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)09:07:39

Ok! I will see if I get time for that (which I'd like). It might make my even simpler.

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Maksim Glebov10:07:50

Hi! My 2 cents about new output window: 1. After loading current file (`ctrl+alt+c enter`) the output shows in a repl file (which is a good thing), but Calva says window still popping up. 2. This one is a little bit tricky. After closing a repl file (which was in a separate editor group) and evaluating some expression inline, a repl file automatically opens in a tab next to mine (same editor group), but have no focus. If I do NOT click on this tab and instead click on an "Open Results Window" link in a result hover, a new (second) repl file tab shows in a new editor group with focus on it. Seems like a strange behaviour to me. However, it looks like a really interesting feature 🙂


Thanks @glebovmaksim! Can you add those as comments to this PR? The second one is not easy to fix, due to VS Code API shortcomings, maybe we can advice people not to close the window....

Maksim Glebov10:07:19

Sure, I'll do that!


Hi. I'm trying Calva on a project and I cant seem to make the Go To Definition feature work. I always get the little popup "No definition found for XXX". The REPL is started (via the jack-in command), and all my tests are running fine. Any ideas?


(fyi, it doesn't even work for functions in the same file...)


Have you loaded the file?


My bad, that was it. Thanks while I have you, is Calva able to display spec'ed functions giving information on the function arguments and return value ?


No. That would be super nice!

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@UV2730B5K An issue for this feature request would be great so we can remember this down the line! And a PR is of course even better 😄


Will do!

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Hello Calva friends: I've just released a new version of Calva with a couple of small fixes/changes. ## [2.0.108] - 2020-07-24 - Fix [Jack-in error when choosing Clojure CLI + shadow-cljs project type]( - Fix [Cannot use default connect sequences when custom connect sequences added]( - Add analytics to debugger Debugger analytics are for gauging usage so we can know its priority over other features in the future. Custom connect sequences will now be shown in addition to the built-in sequences when jacking-in / connecting.

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Here's a new VSIX for the new output window thingy. Main new thing in this build is that you now can change the ns used when the window is used as a REPL, something @hoppy pointed out was missing. (This made me add a ”prompt” that shows the current namespace.) Another fix is that the Calva says window no longer pops up on file load, reported by @glebovmaksim.

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