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Anyone got experinence using pytorch from clj?

Anthony Khong00:03:26

Hi @U6T7M9DBR I think you’ll get a better answer from the Clojurians Zulip. The best person to ask to is, the creator of libpython-clj. He’s usually around! Last time we spoke about a year ago, I belief there was some issues with pytorch and they way it does parallel computation. Chris was aware of it, and it could be that it has been fixed.


Cool, thanks for the pointer. I'll go check it out 😃


Yeah I did find that one and it looks great!


I've got a fair bit of experience using python, scikit, numpy and tensorflow - and a fair bit of experience using Clojure. Now I'm leaning towards trying pytorch and I'd like to give it a shot with clojure as my main programming language.


I'm just curious how people do it in practice 🙂


Are you using libpython-clj ?