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jeff tang18:03:11

Athens Research budgets $10,000 in bounties for 20 issues over the next 3 weeks. Learn more about this bounty program here:


Next time I'd say this would be better in #news-and-articles, please. Thanks!

jeff tang18:03:36

Will do sorry!


No stress, it's kind of an edge case

jeff tang18:03:25

Hopefully not for long


Well, we've tried to keep #announcements to be new project or project version announcements, since so many people get notifications for it. It does definitely seem like there's lots of excitement about Athens; definitely a really cool project!


(thanks @U077BEWNQ -- I was just about to say the same since this is not a project/library release announcement)


I see you posted this in #jobs as well @UUY06DFL5 so it really should not be in #announcements as well.