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The Continium12:03:13

For those that use I have updated the recommended registration for the conjure source to include a trigger for “/” which makes the completion much better


Ooo okay, so was this the issue? Because nothing changed in conjure wrt completion, any breaking changes should be in asyncomplete as far as I know.


Unless there's a bug introduced but I doubt it

The Continium20:03:51

It’s all good thanks. The problem was something to do with the conjure version not being updated correctly. Might have been related to the master/main change.


Ah yeah, that was a messy change, sorry about that 😭 honestly thought GitHub handled the redirect of the branch, maybe they will one day. I guess I just made that feature up with wishful thinking

The Continium10:03:14

I’m sure I have seen some of my repos change to main without me doing anything but like you maybe it was just something I expected to “happen” out of the box


hi, thank you very much for Conjure, it’s been a blast using it so far! 😄


is it possible print records with their class attached?


in my REPL a record prints like this:

my.ns=> (->Point 1 2)
#my.ns.Point {:lat 1 :long 2}
but in Conjure eval buffer it prints like {:lat 1 :long 2}


Hmm perhaps, would you be able to raise an issue about this so I can track it? I'm getting that value from CIDER / nREPL so I'm kind of at the mercy of that but I'll see if there's anything I can do. Maybe I'm accidentally eliding some information, I'll take a look!


will do, cheers! :thumbsup:


on the note of missing information, here’s another thing I’m seeing: if I reload my namespaces using <localleader>rr, I see this:

; Refreshing changed namespaces
<a bunch of namespaces>
; Error while reloading <a namespace>
but I don’t see the actual error


however, the error is being displayed in the REPL :thinking_face:


Hmm that info might be there and I need to expose it, although not 100% sure. I have a feeling that's all the text I got too, so I had nothing else to pass on, but I might be wrong! Another thing to address soon! I hope! All I can do is ask the community for patience or contributions until I get a good weekend to spend hacking away 😅


no worries at all, this is all just FYIs, I’m greatly enjoying Conjure in its current state! :D